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Why You Need A House Building Report

If you’re buying a home then a house building report should be at the top of your list. They can be a real lifesaver and should never be skipped by potential homeowners. The cost up front is well worth it when you consider how much time, money, and stress a house building report could save you later. A house building report is a bit like a test drive for your home before you buy it and can tell you a lot about whether or not a home is worth purchasing or whether it will be more trouble than it’s worth. A house building report could save you thousands of dollars and it might also ensure that you a protected and kept safe as some hazards can be dangerous to your health – like black mold.


Here are a few reasons why you should consider a house building report essential.


What is it?

A house building report is basically an assessment of the condition of a home that you’re looking at buying. The assessment is completed by a qualified building inspector and covers a number of hazards and issues like faulty ceilings, cracked walls, and issues with mold or moisture. The assessment will also cover whether issues can be fixed and how much the repairs are likely to cost. Inspectors might also check for signs of pest infestation, this usually comes at a higher cost but is well worth it when you think about how much it can cost to repair the damage done by termites and other pests.


How much will it cost?

You can probably expect to spend under $600 to have an inspection and assessment completed in most areas, although the charges might be slightly higher in regional towns. Whilst its an added expense, it pales in comparison to the potential cost of issues requiring repair in your household and will give you great peace of mind allowing you to buy with the confidence of knowing that extensive repairs aren’t requiring.


What do inspectors look at during an inspection?

home Inspector finalizing s house building report

Your inspector will focus mainly on any structural issues, they aren’t there to make judgments about the quality and condition of the finishes in the home but may make notes of anything due for replacement in their assessment. Structural checks are extremely important as there are some problems that just can’t be fixed without extensive and very expensive work and major structural problems can be extremely dangerous. The assessment will likely also layout any changes that need to be made to improve or repair different areas of the home and what it will likely cost. This is very helpful and important information for people to know.


They will also note down any potential safety issues in their house building report such as spaces where asbestos is present or other dangerous materials or hazards are present – this will help you to make a well-informed choice about whether or not you want to go ahead with the purchase.


How long does an inspection take?

You can expect the inspection to take an hour or two. Most inspection companies will require at least a day’s notice before they can send an inspection out. You can expect to receive your house building report within around 24 hours after the inspection although it could take a few days. Most inspectors will be able to tell you a little bit during the inspection. If there is anything of concern raised in the assessment, then it’s a good idea to speak with a professional service about the potential costs involved.


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