Why Should You Add Indoor Plants? - Eduard Belcher
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Why Should You Add Indoor Plants?

It’s hard for an individual not to add plants to their houses. Living things that provide more than what they require, are not things that you want to avoid keeping. But if your a person who needs more convincing then read on to know the benefits of adding indoor plants to your home.


One of the essential benefits of having indoor plants or any plant for that matter is that they purify the air. As plants absorb carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde, they let out oxygen and make the place as fresh as possible.

Breathe Easier

With all the pollution and noise outside, you will be willing to do anything to enter a home with indoor plants. Houses with indoor plants make breathing more comfortable due to the process of photosynthesis. This not only maintains the freshness but also retains a sense of comfort for all the members at your home.

Affordable Humidifier

Dry summers and bitter winters are one of the best times to spend at home, as indoor plants release around 94-97% of its water into the atmosphere. This makes plants an affordable and natural humidifier as it does not cause any problems like an air-conditioner. These natural humidifiers can also prevent the spread of flu-viruses, thereby convincing you at every step.

Improves Health

We are quite sure that you have noticed plants at hospitals, especially at individual rooms of intense care and consulting, i.e., because adding plants helps to increase the rate of recovery. According to a study by Kansas State University patients in rooms with plants experienced lesser rates of blood and heart pressure when compared to patients who had no plants at their rooms. Such patients were also released earlier from the hospital as they had already recovered.

Better Sleep

Numerous studies and researches have predicted that plants can help you sleep better. Having plants such as jasmine or lavender can naturally help you sleep better as these plants have a soothing effect on people. As sleep is something which every single individual seems to be losing, it’s high time that you get some plants in your bedroom.

Fragrance and Decor

It’s about time that you stop filling your home with synthetic room fresheners that cause health problems; instead, add a plant as it drastically helps your home to look and smell fresh. Another reason why designers and specialist recommend individual plants is because they manage to light up the room as suitable home decor. Indoor plants are probably one of the most economical home decors that one can get in the market. With an appropriate setting, indoor plants can be placed anywhere, keeping in mind the structure of your room.

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