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Woman sitting in an office chair

What To Look For In An Office Chair

With the amount of time, we spend work sitting. Most people would be amazed at how much they actually sit in their office chair. 40 hour work weeks can result in up to 1,900 hours sitting down at your workplace per year! You can then multiply that by the number of years someone is at the company and you have one of the most used pieces of furniture on your hands.

Unfortunately, when workplaces are setting up they tend to spend more on the desk than the office chair. This may even be the case with home setups where people only look at the desk and their computer set up when in reality what they are sitting on is the most important feature. Below we are going to explore what to look for in an office chair to propel your work to the next level.


Back support

A good office chair needs to have good support for your lower back or lumbar. A lot of the leading products will even have adjustable support options so that it is right for your own needs. Considering that we sit like this for up to 1,900 hours a year it is important that your back is taken care of. Taking care of it earlier on can make sure that you don’t develop any injuries later on in life.


Adjustable seat and arm height

Another great function that comes with leading office chairs is the option to adjust the height of the seat and the arms. The leading products have up to 14 different levels of adjustments with 5 different modes to adjust. If you are looking at getting one of these products, be on the lookout for adjustable lumbar support, arm height and width, seat height and width, the angle of the seat back and the tension. The adjustability is pretty self-explanatory to use but if you want to get the most out of it, it’s recommended that you get an ergonomic test. This way you can have your set up at all the optimal levels to prevent any type of body strain.


Wheels vs non-wheel base

office chair with wheels

After you’ve set up all of your levels to be your preference, your next point of comfort for your office chair is the base. A wheelbase on the carpet isn’t the best option as they can get stuck and make it harder to move around. If you do have carpet and have your heart set on a certain wheel model, you can buy the plastic covers to prevent damage to the carpet and in turn make it a lot easier to maneuver on. Otherwise, if you do have carpet and no preference at all, consider getting an office chair that has no wheels on the base.


Swivel base

Another feature that you should be looking for is a swivel base. This gives you the option to move in a circular motion with ease. They are great for open-plan offices so that people can freely talk and collaborate with their colleagues. Additionally if your seat cant’ swivel your arms may experience strain and fatigue when overextending to reach various items.


The fabric of the seat

The last feature that many people overlook is the fabric that the seat is made from. Choosing a fabric that is breathable can save the seat and yourself from overheating. No one wants to feel sweaty while they are working which is why the fabric is an important factor. This will also play into the cushioning of the seat and whether or not it is comfortable for the person using it.

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