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microblading aftercare remedies

The Best Microblading Aftercare Solutions For Your Face

Microblading aftercare is highly important keep your eyebrows in good condition post-treatment. One important tip to note that after your micro bladed eyebrow session, it is highly necessary to keep your brows completely dry. After the session, your eyebrows are still in healing mode thus by having a cover to keep your brows in dry condition in a shower – making sure you wash your face and hair with ease. This can be used post brow tinting and lamination treatment. These products can also include highly beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin C, giving your brows an extra boost. This can be worn during the night to make sure your eyebrows are well done. Microblading aftercare is the necessary to keep your eyebrows looking the best it has ever been.

What is cosmetic tattooing for your eyebrows all about?

Cosmetic tattooing otherwise known as microblading requires a microblade to make a semi-permanent tattoo on your eyebrows. The beautician will begin the cosmetic tattoo process by marking the shape of your eyebrows and suggesting the suited colour for your eyebrows that matches with your natural shade. This is to ensure your brows will be looking naturally defined. The eyebrows are then numbed using a cream, to make sure the process of applying the dye will be effective and long lasting. Strokes are then created with the pigment to create bolder brows with extra added hairs that look just like the real deal. No one will think twice that your eyebrows were done, as this treatment creates brows that are seamlessly applied on. Expect to have deeply defined eyebrows that are twice as bolded than before the session. The treatment is incredibly quick and painless, making sure you have the easiest treatment that will in short make your microblading aftercare remedies very simple.

What do you get out of purchasing microblading aftercare for your eyebrows?

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Microblading aftercare is vital to make sure your eyebrows are in top shape post-eyebrow treatment. Just like post-tattoo car, microblading aftercare requires the same if not more care and precision. From doing a session, the ink will look dark with the skin looking appearing red from the treatment. Two hours post-treatment, it is suggested to place a wet cotton bud with sterilized water onto the affected area. By doing this, you will remove extra dye that’s been added to your eyebrows. The time it takes for your eyebrows to heal after a session will take from a week to a fortnight, to make the eyebrows look naturally full. The best way of doing microblading aftercare is to as mentioned keep the area dry for a maximum of 10 days, such as in showers, sweating, saunas, and from swimming. Another method for microblading aftercare is to stop wearing make up for more than one week as your skin is still adjusting to the added pigments. It is best not to itch, pull, or pick at your eyebrow scabs. It is highly suggested to apply a cream as directed by your eyebrow artist to provide you with the best microblading aftercare to tame your brows.

The main takeaway

Microblading aftercare is the perfect solution to take away all the stray hairs, leaving you with a flawless and bold set of eyebrows. Your face will thank you feeling as if it is crafted to perfection,  having eyebrows that frame the your eyes very nicely. There is an incredible amount of benefits jampacked such as speeding up the healing process for your brows post treatment to making sure your brows do not fade in its dye or overall sculpted shape. Let’s face it, microblading aftercare is the way to go for all the worries that make your eyebrow deeply furrow.

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