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wedding DJ Sydney expert playing some music

6 Ways to Select a Wedding DJ in Sydney

Couples in the market for a wedding DJ in Sydney will be spoiled for choice. These ceremonies are ideal settings for these performers to showcase their credentials and to deliver a set that is truly memorable. To find the best available DJ across the city, read up on these 6 key tips.


1) Have a Budget Established

For couples to be confident with an experienced wedding DJ Sydney expert, they need to know that they offer value for money. Agencies will extend quotes to clients that want more financial information, allowing them to budget for the entertainment as they consider venue hire, catering, ceremonial fees, dress and attire, photography, accommodation, transport and more. When the soon-to-be newly weds identify the amount they are happy to spend on the exercise, then they can create their shortlist of candidates.


2) Work With Experienced Operators

There is no substitute for experience when considering a wedding DJ Sydney expert. There can be all manner of issues that arise on the day or night, offering challenges for the acoustics, with the atmosphere in the crowd and any technical difficulties brought about by the venue. The more experience these professionals have in the field, the quicker they will respond to problems and the sooner the ceremony will be back on track.


3) Versatile Style Performers

The couple will often select a wedding DJ in Sydney based on their own music tastes. However, given the range of guests that will be arriving to the event, it pays to have a specialist who can cater to all needs and respond to requests from the crowd as the night goes on. Among their repertoire, they should be well versed with pop and rock, country and R&B, classical, dance and electronic.


4) Mixture of Live & Recorded Samples

Bride and groom dancing

An experienced wedding DJ Sydney expert will recognise that there will be peaks and troughs during this ceremony, creating moments where they have the attention of the guests and others where they are left to mingle and venture away to their own quarters. During those shifts in atmosphere, it is important to have a performer who can mix in live samples when the crowd is up for a dance and to transition over to record samples just to keep the mood happy.


5) Connecting With The Agency

Finding a quality DJ for the ceremony is an easier process for Sydney couples when they decide to engage with the agency that is providing these performers. Some operators will work as sole contractors, but a majority will utilise an agency to make these contacts. This is where customers can look into their back catalogue, determine their style and approach and see how the agency itself compares to its peers.


6) Consulting With The DJ

For genuine peace of mind with a wedding DJ in Sydney, couples are advised to consult with the performer in the lead up to the event. This gives them an opportunity to look at their videos and to talk through the set in greater detail. The client will likely be demanding certain tracks for the first dance and for the opening stages of the event before switching to more party-friendly tunes. That one-on-one connection becomes a valuable exercise to have clarity on that front.


Every couple will have their own approach when it comes to selecting a wedding DJ in Sydney. It is an initiative that should include the assessment of online reviews, on the opinion of personal referrals and connections with agencies that have this talent on their books. Take all of this information onboard before creating a shortlist of candidates and making a selection from these performers.


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