6 Benefits for Clients Taking Up Microsoft Cloud Storage Options - Eduard Belcher
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6 Benefits for Clients Taking Up Microsoft Cloud Storage Options

6 Benefits for Clients Taking Up Microsoft Cloud Storage Options

Clients from commercial and personal backgrounds might have come across Microsoft cloud storage options when seeking a digital solution. This is a market leader in cloud-based computing solutions, but there are many options that the market provides. Why should customers make this their key investment? We will look at 6 answers why it is the common-sense choice. 

1) Customising the Right Client Plan 

Thankfully clients who are taking a closer look at Microsoft cloud storage options will be pleased to see that they can customise a package that is geared around their operational requirements and budget. Individuals who are using this system for personal use can tap into the free OneDrive Basic 5GB option, the OneDrive Standalone for 100GB, the Microsoft 365 Personal subscription or the Microsoft 365 Family alternative. The same principle applies for commercial organisations as they can take their pick of the OneDrive for Business (Plan 1), OneDrive for Business (Plan 2), Microsoft 365 Business Basic or Microsoft 365 Business Standard package. 

2) Full Suite Opportunities 

For those constituents who do manage to opt for the larger package Microsoft cloud storage options, they will find that a number of the Suite applications suddenly come into play. This is integral for individuals and businesses who utilise Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher. If there is a desire to opt for a complete integration and to synchronise the digital platform, this is a great opportunity to cash in.  

3) Complete Access 24/7 

The introduction of the Microsoft brand for the sake of cloud storage requirements is essential for those users who don’t want to be limited or restricted in any shape or form. Whether they are using a desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile device, participants will be able to login and access this data from anywhere at any time. Unlimited file access is not part of the deal with other competing brands, but this is a system that ensures freedom of movement. 

4) Quality Security Protocols 

A key incentive that is often found with Microsoft cloud storage options is that the security protocols are first-class. With protected back-up on show for users that don’t want to stress about lost or compromised data files, there is also an encryption process that leverages the best of cloud-based computing. Features like sensitivity labels, data retention, file auditing and compliance measures are all in place so clients can safeguard their content. 

5) Easy to Share & Collaborate for Teams 

While individuals will have their own opinions on Microsoft cloud storage options, the engagement of this system for teams offers completely new dimensions. The ease of file sharing and team collaboration is a real selling point for organisations. The freedom of data sharing across platforms with real time uploads and notifications ensures that communication is optimised and there are never any delays or logistical challenges on this front. 

6) Extensive Professionals Assistance 

So long as the client opts for the right package with Microsoft cloud storage options, then they will have universal access to specialist support members. If they are struggling to get up to speed on the features or to make the transition away from an older model, they won’t have to stress. There will be online and phone support representatives who will be happy to walk clients through the necessary steps, allowing them to maximise the potential of their investment. 

The best tactic in this regard is to see Microsoft cloud storage options working in real time. Request a test drive or visit outlets that already have the system in use. When people can see the program working up close, they will see what they stand to gain from the investment. 

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