4 Distinct Reasons For Choosing A Small Bong As Your First - Eduard Belcher
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American woman holding a small bong and a bottle of dried cannabis

4 Distinct Reasons For Choosing A Small Bong As Your First

Whether you’re jumping back in or taking your first steps into the world of smoking, the apparatus you choose is very important. There are plenty of people with opinions about which one is the “best” for beginners and casual smokers, there are often very misleading blog posts that will invariably try to sell the latest and greatest piece of technological advanced smoking apparatuses. Suffice it to say, a small bong is the perfect entry-level smoking product, not any particular brand or style mind you, simply a small bong.

Why do the brand and style not matter? Simple, it’s all in the eyes of the smoker and the brand doesn’t matter so much to the person who is simply getting their first step into a larger world. Of course, a small bong is not the only piece of smoking equipment on the market, and people will be quick to say that a pipe or larger variety is more suitable.

However, once you break down the various elements that go into a small bong, you’ll be starting your search as soon as you reach the end.

1.   Easier To Clean

One of the factors that go hand in hand with smoking paraphernalia is the oft-forgotten cleanliness factor. For those who enjoy their smoke, this is not exactly news and right now there are likely flashbacks to the stench of an uncleaned apparatus that still haunts them to this day.

The tactful advantage of a small bong is that they are impressively easy to clean, for the most part, being small enough to clean under a tap with some soap. This lends itself to be easier for beginners to get a handle on in terms of maintenance and overall cleanliness, while still being a solid starter in terms of reliability.

2.   Affordable

A lot of the forums will mention that the bigger you go for your first, the better your experience. This is typically to sell expensive and overreaching alternatives when a small bong is sufficient for a beginner or casual smoker. A small bong is incredibly affordable all around as well with a lot of the reliable suppliers providing the entry-level smoking apparatus for a much easier price than the larger or more advanced alternatives.

While the trend towards vapes is also on the cards, they’re still very expensive overall and have a long way to go before they’re in the mid-range smoker price expectation. The larger versions are also very nice for the connoisseur and more seasoned veteran that knows what they’re looking for, but for basic functionality and ease of use, you can’t go past a standard small bong.

3.   Portable & Easy To Store

A small bong is extremely easy to store, shockingly due to its size. For those looking to move about and take their new smoking apparatus with them, portability and ease of transportation are a big factors. The best aspect of a small bong is just how easy it is to move around with one without any breakages or issues with concealment.

This is also true of home storage; the minute stature of the apparatus allows for a comfortable size for storing pretty much anywhere around the home when it’s not in use. This comes in handy when guests come over and for when you want to keep it away from prying eyes.

4.   More Range

There’s simply more on offer when it comes to a small bong, every large retailer and manufacturer has at least one in their catalogue which makes things so much easier, especially when you have a brand that is recommended to you by friends or trusted acquaintances.

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