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Design & Build

We at Eduard Belcher believe that a sophisticated home brings peace into your life. We work will neutral tones for a modern makeover.

Kitchen Remodelling

We make sure that the kitchen matches your aesthetics and helps ease your accessibility for a productive environment.

Bathroom Remodelling

A luxurious bathroom can help you live the dream and we make your dream come true, contact us for details for the best bathroom remodeling

Deck Building

Decks can be a little tricky and we love tricky. You need a deck we can build you one in the right place and with proper materials.

The Best Home Improvement Experience On Earth

Experience your home transform in front of your eyes; we can make your home go from drab to fab in no time. Just let us know your dream and we can make it come true, get a free consult if you have any doubts about our services.


Basements require a bit of attention and a good basement needs ventilation and a little light for better access to your home.


We make sure that the place where you spent more of the time in your house is a place you can relax and destress for the day.


If you think that your house is missing something beautiful, it is more often than not windows; a window can lighten and brighten the home in the most sophisticated way.


We at Eduard Belcher provide a quality home improvement, which feels luxurious for the most affordable pricing.
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  • Air-conditioning is not something new for the 21st century, as it has turned out to be a need and a requirement at the same time. Apart from making life comfortable, adding an air-conditioner at home has numerous benefits which one cannot possibly ignore and here are those benefits.

    Sleep Better

    Having an air-conditioned room makes you want to remain in it the whole day. This is because an individual sleeps better in an air-conditioned room when compared to a place without an air-conditioner. As air-conditioning controls the room temperature, it makes the surrounding a calm environment to fall asleep. For people with insomnia and other such disorders, having an air-conditioner in your bedroom might seem like an ideal move.


    Remember how you close all the windows in the car once you turn on the air-conditioner? Well, that same logic applies for an air-conditioner at home, where you will shut all windows and doors so that you can enjoy the cold temperature. Keeping windows and doors closed to a maximum extent helps to prevent the entry of insects and burglars. Thieves and burglars tend to target houses where they can stage an easy exit plan. In a home where the entrance is impossible, an exit plan seems far more impossible.

    Protects Mobile Phones

    The notification appearing on your mobile phone claiming that your device has overheated is not something which you need to ignore. Such instances can damage your equipment, causing it not to last long. On the other hand, if the room temperature is cold, then your modular device will not overheat and will function without any problem. It is thereby the cause of value for investment.

    Eliminates Sweat

    When people come back after an intense workout session, they tend to sweat drastically, and when they sit on any furniture, that leaves sweat stains which you do not want to be in contact with. Another individuals sweat can spread various types of infections such as rel="nofollow"herpes and viral infections such as cold and flu.

    Heat Strokes

    In a time where the environment gets hotter day by day, people are switching towards air-conditioning as it provides them with the required temperature. The atmosphere is not getting warmer or cooler due to various reasons and mistakes caused by human beings.

    Beneficial for Furniture and Appliances

    As in the case of mobile phones, furniture and appliances also get affected by high levels of humidity. These levels can cause damage and can eventually reduce its existence by bringing down its quality to a great extent. But that is not the case for a home with air-conditioning as the level of humidity is brought under control as the surrounding is cool.

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  • Sleep is a part of life, which you do not want to miss out. Everybody loves sleeping and will do anything to get the required amount of sleep in a day. So at a scenario like this, you should consider the bedroom you sleep in because you want to feel as comfortable as possible to enrich your experience. So here's a list of things you must do to make your sleep as subtle and pleasant as possible.

    1. Mattress

    Always purchase a mattress only after you have experienced it. This enriches your comfort as you can relax all your muscles and body weight without coming across any tingling materials.

    2. The Right Kind of Pillows

    Pillows which are stuffed with the required quantity of memory foam are considered as the ideal pillows which help you relax. These are soft and are stuffed with things so that you can rest your heavy head filled with burdens all day long and do not feel like waking up at all.

    3. Blankets

    One must keep a keen eye while choosing a blanket. A blanket should be able to soften you and wrap you up so that, it can save you away from all kinds of distractions and will make sure that you're late for work because you couldn't wake up.

    4. Positioning

    Your bed must be in the ideal location so that you will be able to enjoy your sleeping without any interruptions. For this, make sure that you position your bed close to the window so that you get to feel the warm and soothing breeze as you fall asleep.

    5. Air-conditioning

    Consider fitting an air conditioner in your bedroom because the summer heat is unpredictable and can ruin your sleep altogether. An air-conditioned room helps to maintain the humidity and keeps the room temperature as fresh as possible so that you can sleep with a soothing effect.

    6. The Ceiling

    Your bedroom ceiling should be in such a manner so that it lets in maximum air as possible. A roof can either stop or enhance the flow of the wind so that your windows are benefited through this process. So bring in the architect and make them understand what you have in mind.

    7. Welcome Nature

    Indoor plants are a great way to enhance your sleeping experience and make it as cozy as possible. These plants help to maintain the coolness in the room in the most natural manner as they let out fresh oxygen so that you can sleep without realizing a thing.

    8. Antiques

    Antique blankets or leather chairs are simple and unique ways through which you can make your bedroom cozier. These items calm your senses and mind with the relaxing effect, which makes you want to run up to your bed and fall asleep.

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  • It's hard for an individual not to add plants to their houses. Living things that provide more than what they require, are not things that you want to avoid keeping. But if your a person who needs more convincing then read on to know the benefits of adding indoor plants to your home.


    One of the essential benefits of having indoor plants or any plant for that matter is that they purify the air. As plants absorb carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde, they let out oxygen and make the place as fresh as possible.

    Breathe Easier

    With all the pollution and noise outside, you will be willing to do anything to enter a home with indoor plants. Houses with indoor plants make breathing more comfortable due to the process of photosynthesis. This not only maintains the freshness but also retains a sense of comfort for all the members at your home.

    Affordable Humidifier

    Dry summers and bitter winters are one of the best times to spend at home, as indoor plants release around 94-97% of its water into the atmosphere. This makes plants an affordable and natural humidifier as it does not cause any problems like an air-conditioner. These natural humidifiers can also prevent the spread of flu-viruses, thereby convincing you at every step.

    Improves Health

    We are quite sure that you have noticed plants at hospitals, especially at individual rooms of intense care and consulting, i.e., because adding plants helps to increase the rate of recovery. According to a study by Kansas State University patients in rooms with plants experienced lesser rates of blood and heart pressure when compared to patients who had no plants at their rooms. Such patients were also released earlier from the hospital as they had already recovered.

    Better Sleep

    Numerous studies and researches have predicted that plants can help you sleep better. Having plants such as jasmine or lavender can naturally help you sleep better as these plants have a soothing effect on people. As sleep is something which every single individual seems to be losing, it's high time that you get some plants in your bedroom.

    Fragrance and Decor

    It's about time that you stop filling your home with synthetic room fresheners that cause health problems; instead, add a plant as it drastically helps your home to look and smell fresh. Another reason why designers and specialist recommend individual plants is because they manage to light up the room as suitable home decor. Indoor plants are probably one of the most economical home decors that one can get in the market. With an appropriate setting, indoor plants can be placed anywhere, keeping in mind the structure of your room.

  • If there is one group of operators who rely on Newcastle storage units, it will be local small business owners. This is a demographic that needs to protect its valuables and ensure a smooth transition of stock at regular intervals. For interested parties who want...

  • If you’re buying a home then a house building report should be at the top of your list. They can be a real lifesaver and should never be skipped by potential homeowners. The cost up front is well worth it when you consider how much...

  • There are instances and moments where you feel tired and exhausted and cannot clean the house. Such situations can be before guests arrive or even during the holidays. These are events where people prefer their homes to be clean and perfect. But if your tired from all the cleaning, then who's going to finish the rest of the job? Well, let a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner take charge.

    1. Time Consuming

    Buying one of these vacuum cleaners helps you save a lot of time and need not out cleaning a part of your schedule. The vacuum contains sensors which help to keep the house clean and tidy with absolutely zero supervision. You can go to work while the vacuum does all the cleaning.

    2. Adjustable

    A change of surface or floor structure is not much of a problem for these vacuums. They have sensors which indicate the floor, carpets, etc., and will easily maneuver over it, grabbing all the dirt. As these structures are detectable, stairs and other such places are avoided to prevent the risk of damages.

    3. Self-sufficient

    You need not move an inch even to charge these appliances. Yes, that's right, a robot vacuum cleaner will immediately switch to a docking station the moment it has completed a particular task. With all these added abilities, the cleaner might be classified as one of the first fully functional AI's in a home.

    4. Low Maintenance

    Due to its advanced levels of being self-sufficient, these cleaners require deficient maintenance from a human perspective. You need not charge it nor point it at the direction of dirt because all you have to do here is purchasing.

    5. Highly Flexible

    A regular vacuum cleaner might not be capable of reaching delicate spots due to its size and shape, whereas the robot vacuum cleaner can go to all places and is well aware of untidy surroundings. This makes your home clean, a process in which you had no part to play.

    6. Suitable for All

    The robot cleaner is highly effective and suitable for all homes, especially for residents having people with issues relating to mobility. Such people need not worry about their surroundings as the cleaner takes care of it.

    7. Cleans Accordingly

    There are rooms and areas in a home which is exposed to more dirt, and these places need to be dealt with first than the rest of the houses. Thanks to a robot vacuum cleaner, it is capable of finding areas with more dirt like the kitchen, bathroom, etc., and will immediately sense and clean it accordingly.

    8. Various Models

    The robot vacuum cleaner consists of numerous models and variants which carry more significant and better cleaning bags so that it can last for a more extended period. These vacuum cleaners come with advanced features to give your home the better feel and look.